How to avoid google and big tech on a new phone

Hello everybody

I have an FP2 where I struggled too to install Fairphone Open OS but I am very happy to be free of G apps…

I thought FP3 with OpenOS was sold now directly from the Fairphone shop now, but just see you can order one there /e/ Fairphone 3 - eSolutions - deGoogled phones and services

Otherwise, for next time or other people, there is another possibility to get a refurbished (or new one) phone directly with an OpenOS, including a FP3 : it’s « iodé » from Toulouse, in France

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Just for clarification:
The Fairphones (3/3+) are sold new only, while the refurbished ones are made by Samsung or Sony.
If one should wonder about the higer price (469,- for the FP3 and 519,- for the FP3+), they do come with the modular earphones. They were sold by Fairphone and resellers between 35,- and 50,- Euro; but they are no longer available except in this package it seems, though Fairphone still sells the cable as a replacement.
Still this doesn’t make up for the higher price; but the work to develop, install a new or modify the OS has to be paid for as well.

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He was talking about: Products – eSolutions – deGoogled phones and services


I see. I have to admit I thought that open os is just for fairphone.

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