How to attach a website to the startscreen (not top-sites)

Hello Correspondent readers in the Netherlands, can you help me? I want to install the website of De Correspondent to the startscreen of my new Fairphone 3, as they dont have an app and recommend attaching the site to the startscreen. I did so on my old Fairphone 2 and it worked well, but on the 3 it doesnt say ‘attach to the startscreen’ ín my browser (I use Ghostery).

What do I do now, does anybody have an idea? I was already rather happy I got the phone working, being the tech nitwit that I am…


Not sure about Ghostery, but Firefox and Chrome will give you hints to “Add to home screen”. For the website you will have to open the home page. Then in FireFox you will see a little house-shape icon with a “plus” in it.
See attached screenshot.

Thank you Johan. Ghostery on my Fairphone 3 seems to have lost the option, as it was there on the 2… I think I might indeed switch to Firefox.

Opera Touch works nice as well - and does also have the “Add to Startscreen” option.

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