How to adjust 'ring time' - ie. time before answerphone cuts in (on FP3+ android OS)

Very interesting, thanks. There are so many options in the OS that get overlooked, but this is not the same as extending the ring time :slight_smile: All the options are off on my device but I often find myself running for the phone as I’m often working some distance from it.

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Thank you for your considerate and detailed response. I have done as you suggested … it didn’t happen quite in that order, but I’d never have found it otherwise. Many thanks.



To my mind, one of the problems is the seeming absence of comprehensive, properly ordered and properly indexed documentation. I’m a professional of this domain and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to persuade people of the importance of this. They shrug their shoulders and say, “use the search”.

Well, search engines can only get you so far, and for a specific subject are often time-wasting compared with a properly structured documentation. Also they’re often distorted by social media and commercial issues, so you don’t necessarily see a reliable answer at first.

Example and also case in point: I just visited Android Help to see how quickly I could come up with the info I posted this morning about using the Dialler app to change call forwarding. This is really going to the horse’s mouth.

There’s no structured interface at all that I can see.

The search engine ? Worse than poor. And we’re talking “powered by Google” here. This should be the best there is, technically speaking. Google talking about Google. Well, I typed in “call forwarding” (I can’t think of anything better than the terms used in the interface itself …) What do I get? Switch to an new Android phone, transfer files, find lock or erase, change app permissions … nothing that remotely corresponds to the function I’m looking for.

And if I put “call forwarding” within inverted commas to specify exact string, I get just one reply about “incorrect punctuation on voice to text”.

PATHETIC. I conclude that the Android documentation by Google contains no reference at all to the function we’re talking about.


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There may be reference but proactively submerged by what google want use to read.

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