How To Add An Emergency Contact Number In FP2

In most Android phones there is an ICE group, with contacts that are accessible on the lock screen. I bought an app, but that used a lot of energy, and didn’t work well. Please help.

settings - security - owner info
Maybe that does what you’re looking for?

Thanks, but no. You still need a second phone, to inform an emergency contact. With an ICE group contacts that are accessible on the lock screen

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I know this exists in at least Samsung models and maybe in some LGs, but as far as I know it isn’t part of default android (though apparently Nougat now allows you to store medical info). The easiest way is probably to use a custom lockscreen. You could also add a feature request for Fairphone OS, but I suspect the Fairphone devs are working flatout on the Android upgrade and won’t have much time.

Off topic: I always wonder about this: What’s the scenario where calling a custom ICE with your phone is the better option compared to calling the emergency services using the standard emergency dialer?
Anyway, if ways for third parties that get hold of your personal effects to contact specific people is very important to you, don’t rely solely on a phone - it’s remarkably easy to get lost or broken in emergency situations. Having that contact information on something less likely to be rendered useless that can be tied to you (because it is attached to your photo ID, for example), makes more sense to me personally.

ICE contacts are not meant to be called first. It is more like that emergency services have a way of contacting your loved ones in case anything happens to you. If one is unconscious (or worse), one is obviously not able to name a contact or even unlock one’s phone. With the information on the lock screen, a doctor or police person has an easy way to reach out to who you would like to know.

Back on topic: I believe Nougat allows storing ICE information next to medical information (which @Johannes mentioned). AFAIK, such a feature is not on our roadmap. I personally use the owner info as a workaround (as @freibadschwimmer also suggested).


As you say, this isn’t going to be their primary concern, so this is more likely to happen after initial treatment/crisis management (porbably after transport to a hospital). This still assumes a powered/working device that stays with the owner throughout the handling of the emergency, but if those conditions are met, then having owner info on the lockscreen is a good workaround. The OP does not see this as a solution, however, as, and this is what puzzled me:

…as I would assume that emergency services will have access to mobile communications. Unless your ICE will only answer calls from numbers which they recognise.

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I have a scenario for that: You lose your Fairphone 2. That is not a scenario where an emergency service is useful. But with a custom ICE which is dialable from the lock screen, a finder of your FP2 could easily contact you/another person around you, with no cost to him/her and he/she don’t have to expose his/her number.

(As this is not possible, I have written an email address/phone number on the lockscreen. And have a sticker with my house address/e-mail address/phone number on the battery and the inside of the back cover.)

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I had a samsung before - I lost it two times. Once I got it back because of the lockscreen - the finder called with his cellphone - and once because the finder called an ICE number.
Of course there is a message line on the lockscreen, but it is very small.
I would be pleased if I could put a text on the lockscreen app. I know not everybody looses it so much as I do…

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That you can do. See post no. 2.

I’m using the “ICEcard” app on my FP2 which can be set up to constanty show a notification on the lock screen that leads to the app without inserting the PIN. I’d advise you to be careful with the emergeny contacts in this app, though. I made some disturbing unintentional butt calls / SMSs to my emergency contacts - so I’ve deactivated this functionality by leaving the phone no. field empty and instead adding the no. in the name field (behind the name). You can’t place any calls via the app that way - but I guess whoever finds me ICE will probably have his/her own phone to make a call to my emergency numbers…

Thanks, I have that. It is a line that move and I will put a sticker on my phone with my contact phone numbers. Sometimes old technology is also good.

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