How to add a telephone number to a contact that is NOT a mobile number?

Question from Cathal:

Is it possible to have a telephone number for a person in your contacts that is NOT a mobile telephone number. I have tried to enter the landline number for a member of my family and the People app insists that it must be a “mobile” number.

Answer from @Lidwien:

Although the word right of the number by default says mobile, it is possible to change this to a different number, simply select the option and select from the dropdown list.

The areacode must begin with a zero.
If you put an international number here, then leave out the zero of the areacode.
For instance a number in the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands begins with 003113xxxx,
double zero for international, 31 for the Netherlands and 13 for the areacode (thus without the zero here).

If you store your numbers on your sim, then you only can choose between mobile and other.
If you export your numbers to the phone, then you get more options.
There you can choose between:

  • mobile
  • home
  • work
  • work fax
  • home fax
  • pager

Just tap on the word ‘mobile’ and you can change it.

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