How to add a new phone contact

Question from Susannah

Where can one add new phone contact? The ‘People’ option only allows adding an Exchange account (whatever that is) - just email.

Answer from @Lidwien:

You can add a new contact by going to the ‘People’ and then tap on the puppet shown bottom right with a + symbol.

In the next screen choose on which sim or the phone-storage you want to store the new contact.

Additional instructions:

You can also add contacts directly from the ‘Phone Dialler’ app (either a number that has called you or you are trying to call.

For a number you are dialling, type the number then press the settings button in the bottom left of the phone and select the option ‘Add to contacts’, you can then add to an existing contact or create a new contact.

For a number that has called you, select the number that called you, then click on the option to ‘Add to contacts’

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