How to abort the Android13 upgrade?

Just after hitting the “Download” button I read about the fingerprint issue, which is a complete deal breaker / no-go for me.
So, the OS is not yet upgraded, but as soon as I restart my phone it will do so.
Is there any way to avoid/abort the upgrade now?

There is an option in (settings > system > advanced > *developer options) called “Automatic system updates : apply updates when device starts”
Whether that alone will save you, I’d don’t know.

  • If you can’t see developer options, goto settings > about phone and tap build number 5 times?
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Oh thanks! I disabled the option, but am still reluctant to try restarting the phone because I need the fingerprint for work-related apps :-/

Yes, I would be reluctant to restart too.

If your phone does upgrade to A13, you can downgrade back to A11 but you might lose data. @AnotherElk posted the link with instructions to do so in this thread.
This is
the link he posted


I just had to restart to get Bluetooth working again and it DIDN’T install the update! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


I had that option turned off, but am still reluctant to reboot my FP3.

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