How stable is the FP4 (standard Android)?

Hi, I ordered a green FP4 for my parents, who are light smartphone users (calls, messengers, browsing). All they care about is that the phone works and they are not tech-savvy at all. Given that fora are by definition rather heavy on technical problems, wishes for improvements or special issues (alternative OS etc), I would like to ask, how stable the FP4 is for those of you who chose a plain vanilla setting (standard Android, no alternations, standard apps). Thank you!
p.s.: In my parents‘ case, they would have used their old phone forever, but unfortunately many apps do not work or can‘t even be downloaded for Android 4 any longer (incl. Green Pass). So all I am looking for - as the one responsible for all their tech questions - is a phone that just works and that has a long software support. The exchangeable battery is also a big plus, cause that is what makes me change my phones every 7 years or so.

[How stable is the FP4 (standard Android)?]

Very stable.
No reboot since the beginning. Nothing.
Everthing is smooth as butter…


It’s early days but I see no reason why Android 11 should throw up any problems for users like your parents. I’m pretty much the same with an FP3 on Android 10 with no problems.

Just ensure a) you have a good charger and cable and b) if in the event your parents want to take videos of the children etc. and they want an SD card to move them to a PC or another phone ~ ensure it is formatted as Portable.


Having used it over a week as my primary and only phone: It is as stable as my Galaxy Z Flip 3. No hick ups, no crashes. I am impressed. My experience with the FP3 was not nearly as good.


Using FP3 for 14 months


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I sadly had the complete opposite experience with my FP3. Good to read that others had more luck. :slight_smile:

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In terms of stability it’s indeed quite reliable. The only unstable issue I found is that NFC sometimes stops working. I contacted FP support about this. There are some other issues, but those are more enhancement issues, not necessarily stability.

I did experience some other issues for a brief moment, but that had to do with an alternative launcher.

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