How slow is your FP2? (For all FP2 owners!)

Question 1: FPopenOS, A10, 22.02.0-rel.0

Question 2: D) The phone is not slow when everything works, e.g. sometimes I can surf on the Internet quite fast and switch between apps fast, but many apps freeze, including settings to check the OS version…

Question 3: C) I tend not to be bothered, but it can be very annoying when trying to take pictures or trying to find information on my phone (email, message etc.) for someone else.

Android 10, 22.02.0-rel.0

Slightly slower than when I bought it (with Android 6 at that time).

Question 3: How much does the slowness impact you?

It doesn’t bother me that much, delay is acceptable.

I think that my FP2 got slower after the update to Android9. Now with Android 10 I think it has got a little bit faster.
So I would choose the answer B.
Sometimes ist freezes, when many tasks work in the background, when many new messages come in. But that takes some seconds.
Very good ist the screenshot function in the power switch menu! That works always!

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Q1: LineageOS 18.1, Android 11, one of the latest weekly builds
Q2: B
Q3: B

Doing the usual stuff that I did with the phone when it was new isn’t a problem nowadays, either. I’m more annoyed by apps like MS Teams that I use for work from time to time and which is extremely resource-hungry. And I’m annoyed by things that have been bad from the beginning on (battery lifetime, slightly bad mobile reception, no VoWifi and such things). But since most of these things don’t bother me simultaneously I can accept them for now - nevertheless I’m looking forward to having a better Fairphone sometime in the (far?) future.

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Q1 Android OS22.02.0-rel0
Q2 Level C
Q3 D

Question 4: Have you ever …

A) checked whether a lot of the phone’s storage is full?
B) checked the #sdcardguide for possible SD card trouble?
C) done a factory reset?
D) wiped the phone and installed it from scratch?
E) taken other measures to remedy slowness? Which ones?


Q1 10(22.02.0-rel.0)
Q2 D (one of the first 17418)
Q3 D

My answers are:

  1. Android 9, 21.10.0-rel.2
  2. D
  3. D

A) My phone has loads of free space.
B) Will have to try this next!
C) I’ve done factory resets, but doing that every couple of months gets old fast.
D) I’d never considered this, will be trying after B)!

  • I’ve found that certain apps cause more slowdown than others, and uninstalling them helps
  • Turning off animations in the developer settings causes a marked improvement
  • Am currently trialing a new OS to see if that helps
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FP2 is not my main phone.

  • Q1 - Android 11 | /e/OS 1.2 (just updating to 1.3 but answers based on experience with 1.2)
  • Q2 - In general: A, but when using processor-intensive apps like OSMAnd I sometimes observe “freezes” which are quickly resolved by locking the phone with the power button and then returning to the app.
  • Q3 - B
  • Q4 -
    A: Yes, regularly, I don’t store much, about 20 GB free right now.
    B: No SD on this device.
    C: Clean install of /e/ in January.
    D: idem.
    E: None seem necessary.


I would like to know how usable the Fairphone 2 is in 2022, or until when did you use it?

I mean are there a lot of crashes, reboots etc., how is the speed (lag,slowness) ?

If there is, then when did the problems first arised?

Thank you for your response and time.


As so often, “it depends”, … in this case, on what you need from your phone. To my mind the FP2 is still fine for standard tasks such as: e-mail, web browsing, audio streaming, diary, tasks, normal office functions, basic photography, common communications like phone, SMS, Signal or WhatsApp.

When using apps or websites that require more processing power, such as for mapping, video processing, I still find it provides sufficient service, but I’m not in the habit of using a lot of processor-hungry apps. Zoom I find functions OK but drains the battery fast and can cause reboots.

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Question 1: after Android 10
Question 2: D
Question 3: D

Related: it tends to overheat and deplete the battery when it gets into a slow spell.

I’m cleaning up internal memory and will see if it improves with more available space.

It’s definitively faster and heating less with more memory. Let’s see how usability changes in the longer term.

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Hi all, here my answers…
Q1 → Android 10, 22.08.0-rel.0
Q2 → C/D → slow and sometimes extremely slow, apps freezing sometimes, interface too (hard reset needed). This since 2 years
Q3 → C

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Q1: Latest Fairphone OS - i.e. Android 10
Q2: Slow down is excruciating sometimes. I’ve had my phone for 6 years and the difference is huge. I agree with others that turning on WiFi causes big slow-down (I presume as apps sync with the cloud), but recently the slow-down has been for everything. I wonder if the apps I have installed (quite a lot) are running in the background most of the time and using precious RAM.
Q3: D: very annoying.

I’m in the process of a factory reset, but I might try another OS. A factory reset has helped me in the past, but I’d like to test drive another OS anyway and this will give me a chance. I’ll try /e/OS I think.

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Android 11, LineageOS 18.1-20220716-microG-FP2

D) Extremely slow, e.g: many apps repeatedly freeze, including low-performance apps or the GUI interface

C) It’s annoying

Additional remarks:

  • I’m still using my FP2 as a daily driver
  • I completely reset the phone when changing from LOS 17.1 to 18.1, i.e. did a clean install
  • The phone was not a significantly quicker directly after the 18.1 installation (some months ago), but the System-UI & app freezes returned quite quickly afterwards
  • Internal storage is occupied 46%, external SD card is occupied 51%

Unfortunately, it has improved but not enough to make it usable. I’m thinking about going back to Android 9.

No harm trying, good luck! I’m experimenting with different OSes at the moment. Have tried Ubuntu Touch, /e/ and Fairphone Open OS.