How see FP4 is charging?

It’s almost impossible to se if FP4 is charging. Isn’t there any LED or something else that shows me that it’s charging? With very good eyes you can se that the battery symbol changes. My eyes are getting older…
When you have pushed the button below the volume buttons om the right, the screen is totally black. No sign that it’s charging. Or is it a setting??

Yeah I was a bit disappointed about a missing notification LED at the beginning as well.

When I turn off the screen (which also locks the device - but this depends on your setting) and plug in the charger, the screen turns on again and on the lower end you see something like “charging slowly” and then switching to “charging rapidly” (at least this is the case here - not sure if this also depends on the OS which is running on the FP4 [here CalyxOS]). After 10 seconds or so it turns of again.

The size of this message depends on your general font size (Settings → Display → Display Size and Text) and I would assume you already set it to a size you can easily read.


There is no way to see it when the display is off.

However, I recommend you change Settings > Battery > Battery percentage (German: Einstellungen > Akku > Ladestandsanzeige in Prozent) so that you can at least see the progress of charging more easily when the display is active.


There is a way to see if fairphone 4 is charging while the screen is locked / black. If you set the screensaver (i use clock) only start when charging, a grey clock appears on the screen while phone is charging and display is black. This is not visible when the display is off but not charging (you see just a black screen).
I think the little bit more energy used for the almost completely darkened backlight is bearable.
The setting for the screensaver is found under settings-display-screensaver.


Hi, maybe the free app PowerLine (Google Play Link) might help?
It can display various parameters as lines on your display for a better visible feedback on the screen.

For example, the length of my battery line (blue) decreases according to the remaining battery capacity and gets red when low. If I plug it in for charging, the line is animated to visualize charging.


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