How often does Fairphoen 3 get Android and security updates?

Dear Fairphone community,

I am thinking about purchasing a FP3, but I am concerned about privacy and security issues. Could users of FP3 tell me how often in average there are Android updates and security patches?
Some magazines have listed the most common manufacturers and their update frequency, but FP3 hasn’t made it there yet: How many Android updates does Samsung, Xiaomi or OnePlus offer? | NextPit
This thread Android 10 Security Updates has touched on this topic, so it seems like most patches are done in the background, but some are also still done via the device manufacturer (Fairphone). But I’m not an expert in this field, I am not sure how grave those unautomated updates are, that’s why I am asking.

Thanks for your help.

You might find this list insightful:

Don’t miss the list of Android 9 updates that preceded those – you can find them at the bottom of the topic I linked to (black triangle).


Hi. Since Oct 2020 I have had five updates.

The periods between vary. Android send out their updates to registered companies, like Fairphone at least month before the official public update.

For example: the June 5th update was provided by Fairphone on May 28th. So it took Fairphone were quick on integrating the updates with their OS. Other times their may be a delay.


EDIT :slight_smile: I see @urs_lesse posted the link while I was flaffing around

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Here’s the official policy as of now …

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Just to point out that ‘now’ was July 2020 :slight_smile: not that things will change drastically ~ 6 updates in 10 months since I bought isn’t so scrappy.

There have been 8 since July 2020

It is the policy as of now regardless of when it was published. It didn’t change until now, unless I missed the memo (which is possible).

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Thanks to all of you!

The links were very insightful, a good read for a not-really-power user with data privacy interests :smiley:

A last question that has been asked before in the other thread but I am not sure if I understood correctly: Project Treble /Android 10 leads to us users having quicker security updates. But is that correct for general security patches or only those pertaining to the Google Play system?
I am referring to the info on the Android 10 webpage.

“Android devices already get regular security updates. And in Android 10, you’ll get them even faster and easier. With Google Play system updates, important Security and Privacy fixes can now be sent directly to your phone from Google Play, just the same way all your other apps update. So you get these fixes as soon as they are available.” Android 10 | Android

Have you read

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I have now :wink: so the gist is - it’s complicated and there does not seem to be a general trend to quicker updates in the industry yet, even though Project Treble creates better conditions and chances for the process to speed up in the future. Correct?
FP is not mentioned in the article. But is it fair (haha) to assume that FP’s job maybe got a bit easier?

So atm it takes the company about a month to implement the previously released security update which they now provide monthly instead of quarterly, I gathered from all that I read now.

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No, Project Treble leads to have quicker Android upgrades, so e.g Android 9→Android 10.
Google play security updates are something different released in A10, some parts of the security updates which don’t need to be adapted to the device and so don’t require the manufacturer’s modifications are released directly through the play store.