How much storage does Ubuntu Touch need?

I just got Ubuntu Touch on my phone. And now I was wondering how much storagespace does it normaly need, because right now it uses 24,1 GB and that seems to me a bit excessive.


How did you determine this number? Is that a freshly installed system or have you used it already? Did you install anbox and/or desktop apps via libertine?

And yes, that looks like too much. Sounds to me that you already had user data on the phone and did not select the “wipe” option during install.

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I did not select “wipe” during installation.

Can I access the old user data or do I have to get rid of the data? Do I have to do the installation again with the “wipe” option?

Not sure if there is a clear answer to that :wink:

If you don’t need the data I think the best solution to install again with “wipe”.

In case you want to keep the data there are several options I think. Not sure if it’s worth the effort.

I have the data in a backup. So I do the installation again.
Thanks for your help.

OK, now it only uses 4,9 GB


On my FP2, UT uses around 5Gb, so that’s correct !

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