How many FP3 sold so far?

Hi guys,

have been away or a while and discovered the FP3 is on the market! Great news :smiley:

I was wondering how “popular” the phone became, so does anyone know how many FP’s have been sold so far?

Latest news I could find is here: The Fairphone 3 actually has 2019 smartphone specs | WIRED UK

Quote: “…Fairphone has sold a very modest total of 175,000 units of its first two phones since 2013 but the company aims to ship 42,000 units of the Fairphone 3 by the end of 2019 and “scale further” in 2020.”

So are those numbers correct (I couldn’t find those figures on the Fairphone website itself)?

See ya!

Find the most recent info here:

I guess you will understand that I am closing this topic now. Feel free to continue in the topic linked to. :slight_smile:

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