How many days it take to process one order?

hello, new user on the forum.
I purchased my fp3+ last 14 of july and the status didn’t changed from “processing”.
how many days it take to process one order usually?

Hi Zirak, this is just a community forum of users and hence this is not the place to question really, you’d best email support[at]farirphone[dot]com, though 3 days is hardly time for concern ??

You do mean 2021

Who did you buy it from, was it from Fairphone via their web shop?

Did you receive and email confirming your order and did it not indicate when you would receive it.?

Where are you reading “the status didn’t changed from “processing”.” Maybe there is an issue with the funds, bank etc. ???

The shop says 8 weeks for delivery did you see that?


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hi amoun,

for me 3 days without changes on the status and without any confirmation of my order is a concern, yes.

I asked how days it take usually, to understand if maybe I’m too eager and it usually takes some more days.
if it’s not the place to ask this I suppose the moderators will close the topic and marke it as solved or they can directly delete it.

thanks for the email, I will write them to ask for my order.

It’s fine to ask and other may find your query akin to their concerns, so it helps getting your concerns out to the wider world even if the first ears cannot give you a satisfactory answer.

But you didn’t really answer my questions, like
where, how did you buy it?
did you get some communication from Fairphone? else
how do you know it’s pending?

Have the vendors taken any money from you/

Far from having this deleted ~ your concerns are not to be dismissed and more information is valuable :slight_smile:

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the answers to your questions:

  • I bought it at the fairphone web site
  • I didn’t received any communication from fairphone except the registry confirmation email for this forum (today) and the registry at the main web site when I purchased the fp3+ (wed. 14 july) but not any email regarding the purchasement itself
  • I know it’s pending because on the fairphone website I can review the status of my order and since the beginning the status is processing
  • yes, the money has been taken

didn’t noticed the 8 weeks delivery time, and this really surprise me because I pay attention when I’m buying items I need in short. I can’t wait so much time so I’ll proceed to cancel my order now.

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It might still give sense to call FP support and ask. Maybe you’d ordered one of the last devices on stock.
If support confirms 8 weeks then you can still cancel and try to order a FP3+ with one of the resellers.


my phone is dying, I don’t have 8 weeks to wait …

Not sure where you live and where shipment goes out, but we really have big issues since 15th in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium due to extreme rain and probably that could affect shipping goods as well.
So whatever the reason is, or how long it will take can really only be answered by FP itself.
We really all understand you need a phone quickly. So do you know about resellers in your country? Else vireo from Germany delivers around the world as far as I know and they seem to have FP3+ on stock

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That’s why @yvmuell and I mentioned the resellers. Maybe they’ve the phones on stock and can send at once.


I think part of the frustration, given the OP’s urgency is that ‘being processed’ explains nothing.

Does it mean
a) We don’t have one and the factory is in the process of making it
b) It has been manufactured but we are awaiting the shipment
c) We have the phone but are doing final checks
d) We haven’t quite got around to sending it yet due to %&%((&^)&

And by the way thanks for the money, that was nice of you to let us take it before we sent or even have a phone in stock (8 weeks).

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Maybe we should create a topic to encourage “gap phone” offers and searches. Waiting times for Fairphones to become available again have been there from day 1 with the FP1. And while these waits have become less frequent and shorter, I think they will never disappear completely.

Offers and searches in such a topic would ideally include at least a vague location of where a phone is offered/needed, if exchanging it via mail is an option, and perhaps also the small yet important detail of what SIM format it has/should have. I tend to think it might be too much to create a new topic for every single one of such offers/searches.

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I’m living at Catalonia, these are the stores where I could be purchasing the phone:

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Entonces hay opciones y no tienes que esperar 8 semanas.

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si si, hay opciones.
sigue con la tramitación de cancelación del pedido


So how are you getting on?

good, fairphone just refund the money and I’m using a new phone since monday.

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Maybe the /e/ foundation has shorter delivery times? After all, you could always revert to Android. Fp3s are also regularly sold at rebuy.

7 to 10 days, a lot of time for the situation I had

Yeah, I don’t know your situation, but 8-10 days certainly is a big improvement.