How is FP2 GPS accuracy?

I have been very disappointed by FP1 GPS :
I would say that FP1 GPS accuracy is

  • bad when charging
  • average when not charging, just enough for car navigation but not more

I need precise tracks for OpenStreetMap mapping, and to know exactly where I am between tall buildings or deep woods.
With FP1 I could see very often my position drifting and drifting endlessly, or recorded tracks as blurry “snakes” going left and right even when trail is straight…

What about FP2 ?
Does anybody has GPX tracks to show ?

I haven’t done GPX tracks yet but I am fascinated by the GPS performance of FP2. Before I had three GPS devices, one old Nokia, one HTC Desire and a Lenovo Yoga 2. The FP2 is my first one that acutally “works” like switch on GPS and bang the position is there, accurately.

All other devices usually needed a couple of minutes to find enough satellites and then told me that I am “somwhere around the station”. The FP2 is the first one that is useful in the case “step out of the station and know right away where precisely you are.”

I rooted my Lenovo Yoga hoping that I could hack the GPS settings somehow. If anybody could give me a hint about that, I would be grateful.


Great news if the GPS is really working ! I’m used to phones needing some minutes to get a fix, then only seconds to loose it :slight_smile:

I guess you are meaning ‘Yoga tablet’, because I have a Yoga 2 and it has no GPS… Maybe check on a lenovo forum ? If that’s android, look for apps like ‘faster fix’ to choose a time server closer to you, and ‘gps updater’ to manage A-GPS data refreshing.

I own FP1 and FP2, regarding GPS the difference can’t be greater.

GPS on FP1 was the worst ever seen.

GPS on FP2 was the best ever seen, really. GPS fix most of the times in 1 second without help of internet, wlan and mobile phone tracking. Accuracy ist great, no switching between streets which are only a couple of metres away.

GPS on FP2 is really really great.


Well, a cold start without a internet connexion takes usually between 1 or 2 minutes which is good. I made some GPS tracking and can confirm the sensitivity is very good!
All in all I’m very happy with the GPS function of the FP2.

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I confirm that the reception is very good and fast, even behind a building window !
But sadly, ‘GPS Essentials’ is crashing so I have to get used to others apps.