How feasible is Linux on the Fairphone 3?

Surely it runs Linux with Lutris or some other frontend for the shitload of emulators available.

I’ve been unhappy with warranty with GPD (I own a GPD Pocket 2). 0/10 recommend or buy again, for that reason. Also, I had to mod it with thermal pads and copper to get better cooling. Else it’d be throttling like a madman (or being very noisy with the fan). Very easy to open up though. Also, the pointer device is an infrared field. It is shit; the nub of the orig. GPD Pocket is probably much better.

I also bought a Planet Cosmo Communicator with which you can put up SFOS, Debian, etc (like on Planet Gemini). These are not x86-64 (GPD Pocket 2 is an Atom) but MediaTek/MTK so expect bad Linux kernel support. Keyboard is fantastic though.

Neither of these has a joystick or gamepad though.

As for the question, it is all community projects to get something different than the stock firmware running on FP3. PostmarketOS runs very well on FP2 (one of their reference platforms) as do e.g. LOS, /e/, UT, and SFOS. So yes, no reason why Librem OS would not run on a FP2 or (in future) FP3. With touchscreen only though, I don’t think you do want a non-optimized default DE or WM. Even a tiling window manager is silly on touchscreen; you need a UI optimized for (capacitive) touch.


Did you tested it? PostmarketOS is still in alpha and doesn’t support calls, AFAIK.

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I haven’t

See for which hardware is supported.

I regard it as Mer was with regards to Maemo and SailfishOS: a reference OS/framework to build upon.

The MicroPC is not for gaming, they think of it as a mobile admin tool. I mean, RS-232?
Although … good for old DB9 Joysticks perhaps … hmmm … I could actually try that :slight_smile: .

Not sure if I’d trust a device like that for such purpose. I mean, the Chinese company who do the software for Planet Computers got caught red handed. [1] [2]

Is this heading in the “Don’t buy anything from China!” direction?

That isn’t my position. My experience with regards to warranty with buying directly from China is terrible, and it also affects things like Kickstarter where you buy indirectly from China (which was my case). Because I had a clear spot on the top right of the screen, of which I made a photo (with a v2 FP2 camera) and they said they couldn’t see it. I mean, are you blind or what? Its obviously right there. You may find it unimportant, but for the price of what was it 600 EUR I want a flawless device with no manufacturer defects. Then with the Cosmo (also from crowdfunding) I got the backdoor issue. That is 2 expensive devices, via crowdfunding, both with flaws…


Ah, warranty, ok. I thought you wanted to say every tech from China has backdoors :slight_smile: .
I’ll admit I was lucky until now, but I have no illusion whatsoever that it would play out differently for me than it has played out for you, so I try to avoid these shopping channels … which doesn’t always work :slight_smile: .

There was some updates on this project on the UBports Q&A 69 :smiley:
Halium discussion start at minute 32 ! They also talk about GSI after minute 39, even if it was not mentioned in the short notes (below)…

The first question was a common one, about progress with Android 8.1. There was a brief discussion of that during the week and the thinking now is that it might be better to jump straight to a Halium for 9.1, doing some back-porting where necessary for 8.1 devices.

Update in UBports Q&A 72:

Is there any news on Halium 9.1?

Alfred said it is progressing really well and it will not be long before the first new devices based on it appear. Notkit especially has been driving this work forward. There is talk of Xiaomi Redmi 7! XDA finally commented about UT in connection with the latest Halium. That is good news and we hope some of those who hang out on there will start showing even more interest. We will try to get more news updates onto XDA forums.

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Some documentation:

Halium 9 specific instruction for porting:

Halium 9 TO DO, list of features working:

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