How erase all memory definitively? (not only reboot factory)

I want sell my fairphone 3 and I don’t want that the buyer refind my data in using software.
Can someone help me?

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Welcome to the Fairphone community.
As the internal memory is encrypted, a factory reset makes everything unreadable.


Did you encrypt your phone?
That would be the first line of defense.
Then, you could do a factory reset, start it, skip the google account, encrypt it once again, and then another factory reset.

This was a bit more thorough with disk encryption, but should put another encryption layer on top of old settings. But then, full wipe on solid state always is problematic…
Should be good enough for the standard buyer, not for three letter agencies :wink:

thanks for your reponse.
how encrypt this phone?

Since Android 10 all Google enabled devices have to by encrypted by default.

Which software is running on your phone? Standard FPOS?


You can check in “Settings > Security > Advanced > Encryption” if your phone is already encrypted.

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