How do you get rid of an annoying bug on my FP2?

Hi, I have had my FP2 for at least three years now but recently it has acquired an annoying notification bug. Basically, I receive a notification of a voice message several times a day. If I open the notification the voice message is of a spam call, in Chinese, from a number that I blocked a while ago but has somehow got into my phone system to constantly replicate itself. I have tried emptying the phone messages log but to no avail. Often there will be two of these notifications at the same time which causes my phone to crash. Is there an easy way to remove this bug ? Thanks.

Is this voicemail or something else? Could you post a screenshot?

Yes they are voicemail notifications. I’ll try and do a screen shot for you soon but basically it is the standard notification strip telling me I have a new voicemail message.

Hi, here’s a screenshot of the voicemail notification causing the trouble.

You’re just blocking the number locally - your carrier still receives the calls, and voicemail can still be left. Because these text notifications come from your carrier and not the blocked number, you still see the notifications.

So I recommend contacting your carrier to ask if they can block this spam number from leaving messages. I’ve done it here in the Netherlands before, and it took them about two minutes.


O.K. thanks - I’ll try that. :slight_smile:

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