How do I stop emails syncing automatically?

I have my email sync option set to ‘Never’.
But as soon as I open my inbox it syncs. How can I stop this? I also tried ‘smart push’, which didn’t stop automatic syncing.
I am planning on going abroad and now really don’t want my inbox to sync / update automatically. How can I stop this or do I have to delete the whole email setting on my phone for the moment?

You can disable background date by going to Settings > Data Usage then press the settings button (bottom left key on the phone). From here you can take out the auto-sync of data which will stop all apps from syncing. You can also choose Restrict Background Data which basically disables sync unless you are connected to WiFi.

The alternative option you have is to disable Roaming on your phone - this will make sure that you won’t use mobile networks while travelling. It would allow auto-sync if you were connected to WiFi still. To do this go to Settings > SIM Management > Roaming > Data Roaming, and make sure there isn’t a tick against either of your SIMs

Happy travelling :smile: