How do i save texts or create a new thread?

I have a conversation with a friend which has 8000 messages on. i don’t want to delete them, but it takes ages for the conversation to load.

How do i save texts or create a new thread?

thank you

If I remember correctly, the Backup & Restore app can backup the SMS.
Alternatively you could install an app that exports your SMS as a text file.

thank you Stefan, that’s very helpful of you. I have looked at the Backup and Restore app, and i can’t see anything that would back up my SMS.

i shall have a look for an app to export the SMS. i think I understand??? would you recommend any?

with regards

No I haven’t used such an app.

I think I remember that I once restored my SMS through that app. After you have done a backup, does it appear in the options to restore?

I backup my SMS with MyPhoneExplorer. You can also use it to read your messages on the PC.

I recommend the app “message sync” by Philipp Schlegel. I used it to migrate my messages incl. embedded pictures on nearly all my android phones.
It exports / imports all messages and attachments to / from a single xml file.

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