How do I post a new message in Marketplace?

Ok, I guess this is a dumb question, but look, here I am in “Community” and posting a message is easy, but when I’m in “Marketplace” the option to make a post doesn’t seem to present itself to me! What am I missing?
And while I’m at it, my terminology is wrong - what I’m really doing is creating a new topic, but the question remains the same.
Answers appreciated!
Cheers, Chris

Search for this button:

Ah, all very well, but when I go to “Market (unofficial)” the button “+ New Topic” is greyed out - in other words it’s inactive, for me, for some reason.

I think you can only post in either #market:wanted or #market:offered .

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Thank you, that solves my problem. I first go to the market category and then I go to the subcategory I want, and the New Topic button becomes active.

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