How do I install OpenGAPPS?

Yes I got it right. First FPOSOS and then Opengapps.
Installing Opengapps was a little difficult, because I tried to restore instead of install.
But finaly I succeeded :smiley:

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This might have been answered somewhere else already but I wasn’t able to find an answer:

When using standard GMS, push service for apps like Whatsapp is provided by the Google framework (I hope that terminology is correct), right? Is that also included in (all/any?) OpenGApps flavours?

Yes, it does work.


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Thanks. I actually read that paragraph but apparently I missed that last sentence x)

On the openGapps website you can also click on the different packages, and there you’ll find a list with what’s inside these packages.

As from what I remember, they all include at least

the core Google system base, Google Play Store, Google Calendar Sync, Dialer Framework

I managed to install opengapps-pico but with location enabled it keeps crashing. Does anyone have a workaround to have the location active and the play store working at the same time?

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Hey, I used all the tips in here and made an easy step-by-step instruction for newbies. Thanks for all who contributed to this topic and allowed me to make this guide:

I don’t have my fairphone yet but I’d consider this question really relevant. I want to be able to use all Google Services on my phone - not just the playstore. Maybe location service would work if you select a different package (not just pico) on the website?

If you want to use all Google Services on your phone, just use the phone as you get it.
You don’t want OpenGapps, so there’s no need to install it.

I want to have root and I though that this will be easier / less risky if I use the Open Source OS variant

It’s very easy to root the preinstalled OS as well. The easiest way ist to follow steps 1.B), 2 B) and 3 of this tutorial:

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Some people use OpenGAPPS to get a smaller sub-set of GAPPS. But the most annoying services are installed anyway, else the “store” will not work, if I recall correctly.

Hi, I’v tried to install OpenGApps following the Wiki (with TWRP) but Play Store keep crashing.
I’ve tried also to disable location services, but it does not make any difference, Play Store refuse to open.
It does not crash only if I disable all kinds of network communications, but without that I can’t even start the setup process.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Maybe it does not influence this process al all, but I’ve installed FP Open OS using TWRP and before that using the OTA installer via “Updates” (on the GMS FP OS).
Is it any difference to install it using Fastboot?

The Google Play Store works on my FP2 if I set the location service mode to High accuracy. By default its set to Device only and then my Play Store crashes, too.

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Dear all,

i made the last update to 16.09, and reinstalled the open gapps (twice), and each and every time, the play store cannot be open, and keeps crashing (independently of the GPS setting). I understand , while reading the forum, that the update has been smooth for most of the users, and without problems when reinstalling the OpenGapps, so I guess something has been wrong.

Any suggestion about what I should do?

Best wishes,

and thanks un advance,


Okay, I found out that the play store (maybe) needs the current position of the device (if Location is enabled).

It always works if I open OsmAnd before and my location is known??

My current steps:

  1. Location mode is enabled
  2. Tap on Play Store - Crashes
  3. Open OsmAnd (maybe works with Google Maps or other location based software, too)
  4. Wait a few seconds
  5. Open Google Play Store - works

Can you reproduce that?

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Well, no, not really.
Also, I deactivated the app, reactivated it, then it has disappeared in the app list…

Ok, Finally, after the disappearance of the app, I reinstalled the play store once again, rebooted, and then, at boot, a message appeared “play store has stopped”, I nonetheless clicked on it, and now it seems to be working fine (independantly of the GPS settings).

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Is the problem with the crashing Play Store solved now? Or does it still occur with the 17.03.0?
Does the GPS work nonetheless?