How do I enable other network sim cards on FP2

HI - I went with the chosen network provider for the UK, CooP, who are pretty - er - ropey at best…? and I can’t trust them to do my business side of things.

The phone was initially offered as fully unlocked as an option but I thought I would support the CooP and didn’t take up that option when I was ordering it.

How or who can unlock the phone so I can use a different network on the phone in the second sim card slot.

I haven’t heard yet of a locked FP2. Usually just adding a second SIM or replacing the first one should be sufficient to get into another network.
Also, a dual SIM phone doesn’t seem to make sense, being locked.
But in case you have a modified software installed, you could simply overwrite it.

Have you already tried another SIM?


I’ve just tried the sim-card again - it works. It refused to accept it for the first few weeks, not sure what that was about - but sure enough it does work now (a few more weeks since I last tried) - doh!



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