How do I disable Background Data

I can’t find how to disable background Data on my FP2. I’m ging Data Usage>then selecting the app, but app settings are disables for each of them. What do I do?

On my phone there’s “Restrict app background data” setting below “APP SETTINGS”. there I can disable background data. Can’t you find that on your phone?

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Nope. See photo

Sorry, if it’s a stupid question but: did you try to scroll up the graph?

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Sadly yes. There was no scrolling. Nothing beneath the greyed out app

Did you restrict background data globally (for all apps, in the menu of the data usage monitor)? Then there is no switch at each app.

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No. That’s not a thing either. I can set a data limit and a warning. But
there is no global switch either

So you don’t have the menu on the top right here (or just not menu topic to restrict data)?

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Only have the network restrictions option in that menu

OK. This seems to be a bug. Because I also have only “Network Restrictions” when I disable one of my two SIM cards. When both are enabled, I have all four options.

Workaround: Buy a “dummy” SIM card for insertion in the SIM1 slot. Set 4G, mobile data preference, call preference and SMS preference to SIM2.

It seems that you have a SIM1 inserted, but disabled. You will have hopefully all four options if you re-enable SIM1.

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I think you need to have mobile data activated to be able to switch off background data or even see the switch.

No. This is not required. I see the switch for restricting background data also with disabled mobile data.

Thanks! This fixed it!

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