How do I delete an alarm call?


How do I delete an alarm call setting once I’m finished with it? I’ve searched everywhere I can think of and googled: nothing.



It’s possible and yes it’s not easy to find.
Go to the place where you set the alarm.
(tap on the time on one of the five home-displays)
(tap on the alarmsymbol left at the bottom of your screen)
Tap very long on the alarm you want to delete and the alarm colour will change to blue (al least by me it’s blue) The trick is NOT just to tap, but tap and hold your finger there.
Now you can see far right on top the wastebin.
Tap on the wastebin and you will be asked if you’re sure to delete.

Thank you! All sorted.

You can also slide it off the screen, and it will be deleted as well :smile:

I see. Thanks. Even easier.

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