How do I control the swipe function for notification

With FP3, is there a way to control what happens when I swipe left or right on a notification? When I click on the setting icon with a swipe, I can only decide on whether to stop notification or keep showing. What if i want to swipe to open, or swipe to delete email, is this possible? It just seems to disappear when swiped both left and right.

Hi there and welcome to the community!
I think you can’t configure this in Android. Swiping on a side makes the notification disappear.
Are you asking the question because you would like this option, or because you saw it on another phone and would like this option on yours? I never heard of it.
Perhaps custom ROMs such as Sailfish allow this, but I don’t have any experience with it and can’t tell you.

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It’s worth to note that Sailfish OS is not Android, but an independent OS with its own entirely gesture-based control concept.
I don’t think this leads to anything here.

It seems there are changes coming up in Android 10 concerning notification swiping, but not of the sort you want …

Doesn’t seem that way currently, but what’s wrong with tapping?
You tap on the notification to open the mail, and there are email clients who can give you a delete button to tap on in the notification to delete a mail.

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Thanks for that. Im new to Android but I i’m getting used to tapping! I’ll look into email options for that

Thanks for the welcome alex21! I was asking to see if it was possible as it’s an option I liked on iOS and would have been nice to deal with emails quickly, as i get way too many. I was also wondering if swipe left or right made a difference, but now i get that it doesn’t, just dissapears.

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