How do I backup before upgrading to Android 7 without using Google Drive?

I’ve heard Android 7 is ready for the Fairphone 2. On this page in answer to the question “What do I need to do to get Android 7?” the first step you’re advised to take is " Start by making sure all of your data is safe. You can make a backup using the pre-installed Google Mobile Services: go to SettingsAccountsGoogle and tap on your email address."

But what if I don’t want to upload my data to Google but want to create an offline backup?

How do I do that? I can easily backup or put back my documents, e-books, music and video with Windows Explorer by just plugging in the FP2 to my Windows desktop, but how do I backup the chat history of WhatsApp?

I searched for the answer on internet and with Ecosia search (I refuse to google questions) I found this page: But with the steps described there, WhatsApp chat is backupped on Google Drive. And I don’t want to put my data in the cloud, for privacy and safety reasons. I want an offline file to store on my desktop. How do I go about it?

*edit: I found the answer by adding the word ‘offline’ to my Ecosia search and found this page: The clue is to be offline, not connected to Wifi or mobile data when ordering WhatsApp to backup chats. And then just a local folder on the phone in the root folder of the internal memory is created.


In the broader sense of the topic title …


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