How do I activate the lock screen (while using PowerAmp to play mp3's)?

When using my FP2 to play music, I want to put the phone in my pocket with the screen locked, but the music still playing, but I can’t find out how to do it (I’m using the PowerAmp player for mp3’s).

I tried using the on/off button but it makes the Phone go to standby (or shutdown? I’m not sure, will my Phone still receive calls after using the on/off button to switch the Phone off and if not how do I put it in Standby mode?) and pushing the On/Off button makes the music shutdown as well after 5 seconds.

I tried letting the phone lie on my desk till the screen turns black but putting it into my pocket at that moment made the music shut down as well.

The thing I did just now is put the phone in my pocket straight away, but I’m afraid that without locking the screen first, all kinds of things/apps/calls might get activated by the movement of my trousers.

So, how to activate the lock screen and keep the music playing on with a locked screen?

A short tap on the power button just puts the screen to sleep but running apps should not be affected.

I don’t know PowerAmp but maybe you need to check the Apps settings.

Another possibility is that you suffer from the bug that some Apps misbehave when you disable Privacy Impact. Reenable it in Settings > Sound & Notifications.

Maybe it is an issue with your app.

I just tried with Apollo, and when I press the power button, the screen is locked and music continues to play.

Thanks for the reply, it solved my problem. It turns out the way I tapped the button was too long - it needs to be a really quick tap to activate the lock screen, a full second and the phone turns off.

By the way: In the PowerAmp settings you can activate a special PowerAmp lockscreen, so you can handle the player without having to turn off the Android lockscreen everytime.

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So before you really turned off your phone and had to reboot it afterwards?

Then I still don’t get how this could have happened:

This should have the same result as taping the power button shortly.

Yes, I know. I have it activated on my Samsung tablet as well.

I’m still not sure though what went wrong. Yesterday, if I clicked the on/off button the phone shut down, now when I click short the music keeps playing and the phone turns into lockscreen mode and when I click longer I get the ‘Shut off/restart/cancel’ dialogue just like I’m used to on my tablet.