How do hide caller ID?


How do I hide caller ID in outgoing calls? Previous topics on simular issues speak of opening the ‘Phone app’ and then going to a settings option via a button/icon in the lower left corner. Like here: Show my number when I make phone calls

However, when I open the Phone nothing resembles that. The only thing I can see in the lower left corner is the icon that goes to the key board for number dialing. And nothing else in my screen resembles a settings option either.

The button in the lower left corner isn’t in the screen area, but just outside the screen.
It’s the row with three icons.
Perhaps this solves your problem.

Do you by any case have a FP2? There you won’t find the settings button in the lower left corner. You should be looking for the overflow button (three vertical dots in a row).

If you have a FP2, this tutorial could help you.

You can handle this through your provider as well. It’s not the phone that determines if your called ID is visible but your provider’s network. The functionality in Android is simply a shortcut way of invoking that functionality offered by the network.

Hi Stefan, thanks for the reply. I do have a FP1. Since the info spoke of opening the phone app I was automatically looking for buttons inside the screen area that opens when you open the app. It never dawned on me the icon outside the screen area was meant until Lidwien suggested it. (Feeling a bit silly here now ;-)). Thanks again!

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Yes it does! Bit silly, now that I realise it, but upon opening the phone app I automatically assumed I should be finding the icon in question in the screen info that opens then too. It never occured to me to look outside the screen area to a fixed icon. Just got the phone, didn’t really register with me yet that one. :wink: Thanks!

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Thanks Jerry,din’t know that. But since I use the phone both for work and private, it’s good to know how I can switch between private and visible caller ID. :slight_smile: