How can I make use of the buttons of my cable headset with my FP1?

Dear all,

I have this following no-name cable headset whose buttons currently don’t work for anything.

For example, I can’t use the buttons to play/pause a podcast.

Do I need an extra program to make use of these buttons on my FP1?



Some info for the FP1. It looks like for the FP1 you want a TRRS (stereo-plus-mic) with OMTP and CTIA/AHJ. Or you will need an adapter.

You can have a look here to check if your headset is “Nokia” or “Apple” :slight_smile: I think one works better with the FP1 the other better with the FP2 … But I’m not affected so I can’t tell you. Maybe reading about the issue a bit more will help.

The data is not arriving at the phone, I think. Not sure if software will help. There is a standard … and even more standards :slight_smile: That seems to be the problem.

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