How can I get rid of my phone/wie werde ich mein FP2 los?

Dear community, I received my FP2 11 months ago. From the beginning it was not working correctly, flickering screen, bright spots on screen, scrolling impossible, websites just fading away, no focus on near objects, cracks in every four corners of the backcover and many more. After a few weeks fight with it , I returned it to Fairphone and pleased them to take it back, but they won´t. They repaired it very quickly and send it back to me. From that time on my FP2 was working better, but not as good as other phones I used before. Last week it went totally mad, makes strange noice, opens different uses and jumps between, impossible to control or deactivate. you only can drop of the battery. Now I will return it for the second time. It is really annoying that most of my data is lost again. Just for your information: I bought two FP2s, one for me, one for my wife. She has also problems with it, for example closing down of its own anytime. She is still waiting for her black backcover they promissed us. At the beginning Fairphone was only able to deliver blue colored ones. Is there anybody having an idea how I can get rid of my FP2? I am really fed up with it…

You should be able to find solution for most issues in the forum.
If you want to sell it anyway, just offer it here:

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