How can I find,see,delete my APP-data and media of my internal Storage and copy to phone storage?

Hi there!
I have FP 1 , Kola Nut 1.8.7. I often have the problem of too little internal Storage inorder to install new apps. And sometimes mz Kaiten email app doesn’t work anymore becuse of that and it says I should delete something. In my Fairphone- settings I see that of my approx 1 GB interal storage only 82 MB are available and that my apps and their data and media would use up 644 Mb. But where can I find that internal storage in order to shift’/move something to the other part of my phone storage or to delete it?
My SD card unfortunately can’t be read anymore (although it did still work on my netbook PC.
I tried many hours already to find out , also with Total Commander, but had no success. I also deleted several times my big ‘log_other’ files with the app disk usage and acchieved up to about 100MB more free space. But it always gets full so quickly again.
I would be very happy and thankful for some advice and help!
I wish you all a wonderfful relaxed sunday!

Many greetings from Momo

You have to do the Unified Storage Upgrade. You should make a thorough backup (the Backup&Restore app is not enough!).

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You might need to complete a hard reset after (!) the backup and before you can perform the storage upgrade. Most likely this will be necessary to free up space for the storage upgrade installation file.

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Dear Stefan and urs! THANKS A LOT for your so quick and helpful replies!
I have the feeling (unfortunately I can’t remember exactly)that I already did this unified partition update but I really don’t know for sure. Could you tell me , how I can check or find out if I already did it? I hope I can get around the backup , update and new phone setup in this way…

Look up: Settings > Storage
If you see both an “internal storage” and a “phone storage”, then you have not completed the storage upgrade yet.

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