How can I extract my contacts with no display working....?

Hello … :slight_smile:

My of my FP2 isnt working. I think the problem is not de display, it must be the mainboard becaus my spare display isnt working neither!!

So how can I get accsess to my contacts?
I did`t syny them to google ore elsewhere… they are just on my phone but with a black screen it is hard to extract them… :frowning:
any ideas?? thanks!!!


Hi there,
Did you check the #blackscreenguide?

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thanks, just tried the manual reboot… still no display.

any chance to extract my contacts from my phone with no display?


Theoretically …

If you have TWRP installed and you have used it before, you could try to backup remotely …
You can boot TWRP without installing it, too (see #twrpwoflashing), but usually TWRP prompts the user for some input when first used … but perhaps TWRP can be used remotely regardless of this prompt … worth a try perhaps.

If you enabled USB debugging on your phone to use ADB and granted permanent access to the phone from your computer device for this, you could try to pull the necessary files from the phone via ADB (should be in the /data/data/ folder, I don’t have details at the moment, the internet should help) … or you could use MyPhoneExplorer (which uses ADB) to easily sync the contacts to your computer.

Does the LED ever light up or is it permanently dark regardless of what you are doing?

When I connect the charger, it takes about 10-20sec then I have a white LED light…
When I start the reboot: volume down + power: I see a blue light


as I dont know what TWRP is, i think I did not installed it before… :slight_smile:

USB debugging was not enabeled…

Can I enable it in the boot programm (volume down + power button) without working screen, just with the volume and or power buttons? “blind”
If yes, which buttons I need to press…?


No. This is just the bootloader aka Fastboot Mode.
Only the fastboot command works in this state, and it can’t do this.

But with the fastboot command you can boot TWRP, see #twrpwoflashing.

Depending on your OS version you might have it installed, as Fairphone for a long time installed it as their recovery program along with certain OS versions. They switched back uniformly to the stock Android recovery program with OS version 19.11.2, though.

You would reach which ever recovery program is installed by rebooting or starting the phone with Vol + pressed, and in case of the stock Android recovery pressing some buttons then, see #dic:recoverymode.

In case of the stock Android recovery without the screen I imagine it being pretty hard to reach the stock recovery menu, people struggle with pressing the buttons successfully even with the screen on, and I don’t know what good the stock recovery could do for your case anyway, as I didn’t do much with it, always used TWRP.

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You could try using scrpy to control your phone via your PC. Unfortunately, when you activate it for the first time (connect your phone to your PC via USB and then start scrpy), you have to allow debugging. If at least the touchscreen works, you could try to tap on the allow button on your black screen. The prompt looks like this:

Be sure to hit the “allow always from this computer” checkbox, so you don’t have to do it again the next time. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Maybe the checkbox offers haptic feedback… (Just kidding.)

hm… what do I have to do exactly. unfortunatly I am not an expert… :frowning:

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