How can I eliminate the underlining of the letters?

My written words appear underlined. How can I eliminate the underlining of the letters?

I assume that this is some kind of spellchecker in your browser?

Or maybe you could post a screenshot so we can see what the problem is exactly?


Are you talking a red waved line while writing a post in the forum?

Which Browser are you using with which device?


Im FF3+ wollte ich einen Aktivierungscode meiner Bank mit Groß- und Kleinbuchstaben eingeben. Beim ersten Großbuchstaben unterstrich das FF3+ alles. Mein Pech. Denn obwohl der lange Code korrekt eingegeben war wurde er, wahrscheinlich weil alles unterstrichen blieb als falsch gewertet. Danke, Felix

No. Trying to write a Code with big and small letters which I recieved from my bank beginning with the first big letter the whole code was underlined and therefore judged as wrong. Thank you. Felix

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So is it a banking App where you try to enter it? The S-Push Tan App e.g. has a quite strange keyboard I always struggle with, so maybe you have somehow adjusted the keyboard to underline?

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