How can i delete music from the internal phone memory?

how do I delete music from the phones memory? I accidentally saved music to the internal memory, rather than my 64 SD card and now there is no space left.

just use the “file manager” application. navigate to where you stored the music or use the search button on the bottom to find it. long tap a file to select it, then short tap every other file you want to delete and tap the delete symbol.

You might also tap “cut”, navigate to your SD card where you want the file and tap “paste” there.
It’s basically the same procedure as on a desktop PC.


Thanks very much for your help.

I have now deleted all the music from the internal storage and know how to use the file manager. This is my first smartphone, I used a macbook before, so the phone feels rather strange to use, but I’m learning!

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the fairphone and beginning to find it invaluable!

Best wishes for the new year.

Simon (Hastings,UK)


I forgot the obvious - while connected by USB you can do the file operations from your PC, of course.