How can I change sound of timer on FP2?

I’ve always used my phone timer to mark the end of my meditation practice but the sound of the timer on my FP2 is very jarring. Please can you tell me how to change it. Thank you

Unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible :-/

Do you mean the alarm clock? When you open it, there’s a little bell symbol with the name of the ringtone next to it. The default sound is “Cesium”. When you tap on it, you’ll get a list with available ringtones.

As @Irina_Spitznagel suggests you could set an alarm instead of a timer or you could probably #root your phone and use a root-file-browser (Amaze is preinstalled) to find and replace the sound file.

But the most simple solution would probably to search your favorite app store for “meditation timer”.


you can easily put any mp3 file with your favorite “ping” to remind you that meditation time is over into the “alarms” folder. the clock app lets you chose any ringtone from this folder.

Hi All,
Many thanks for your suggestions. In the end I chose to use the Medigong app which seemed the simplest solution. I thought it would be easy to change the timer sound but clearly it is not simple enough for me!

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