How can FPOOS update triggered, when updater app is not available?

Installed is FPOOS 7.1.2 (build 19.11.2) and I would like to update to FPOOS 9, but the updater app is not available.
Is it possible to reinstall the updater app?
If not, how can the OS be updated without the app?

You can find the necessary update files here in the section “Fairphone Open Android 9 (Legacy)”: Download Releases — FAIRPHONE open source documentation

As far as I know, the OTA file is for direct installation on your FP2.

The Manual Installation file is for downloading on your computer. Instructions how to proceed then can be found here: Fairphone 2 Installation Guide — FAIRPHONE open source documentation (but use the download from the first link, not the “switcher” download from this second link!)

Make sure there is enough free storage space on your FP2. 80%-90% full can be too much. This is also relevant if you still find the Updater app.

P.S.: You might want to check again if the Updater app is really gone.
Look into Settings > Apps & Notifications to see if it might still be there.


Your assumption was correct: the updater is still there, but it’s icon was neither displayed nor was it listed under → preferences → (all) apps!
It was simply disabled and only listed under → preferences → apps when selecting “disabled apps”.
Thanks a lot for your hint!


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