How big should your power consumption for on-screen time be?

I don’t want to stear the topic towards battery problems since I dont even know anymore how long my battery should last. Please think of this as a thread to brag with your phone capacity.

Phone should be optimized for low battery consumption (i.e. low brightness, no big drainers like facebook, outlook, brave browser, GPS and networks always off when not needed, etc) Apps used shouldnt be particulary demanding. No videos or games, just normal reading/surfing on the internet. Download the app accubattery or a similar one if you odnt have one already and report the mAh used per hour of on-screen time. If dont want or cant, mere estimates about how long it’ll last or how many % it uses, are also appreciated

We already had one of these:

Posts there were mostly about fresh FP2 batteries though.

My 3 years old battery needs about 40% a day for normal usage. Though normal usage is rare even though I don’t use any of the usual suspects (FB & Co).

When I’m at home I usually have my phone plugged in most of the time while Battery Charge Limit (topic) makes sure it stays between 80% and 70% and BOINC (topic) makes sure it drains from 80% to 70% fast.
When I’m commuting I usually have GPS, Wifi & mobile data active to gather data with Mozilla Stumbler and OpenWLANMap (wiki) and have the screen on to browse the fairphone and other forums or play a little game. That probably drains about 10% in an hour.
When I’m hiking, biking or walking my dog I do the same without the constantly on display. This way the battery badly needs a charge in the evening, but usually I make it thorough the day still.


How is use considered normal?
I spend almost time on Facebook, Fb2Mate game, Messenger, Youtube,…
I have to charge my battery 3 times a day.
Should I replace the battery?

First you should try to replace the official Facebook App with a lighter alternative … this here is still relevant …

Thank you so much :smiley:

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