How about visiting FP to get software errors fixed?

My FP got a bit crippled after 1.6 and unified storage with phantom touches, a darker and a spooky screen. There is a mistery to me why this has happened to only a few phones as the hardware is exactly the same. I have a dialog with support on this matters, just as one or two of you have, but first i tried to fix this my self by installing stock android, 1.6 again while resettetting and so on. This made me think about if it was possible to visit FP HQ to actually get my phone examined and hopefully fixed by a technichan. If i had that possibility i would go (as a part of a another journey). Is it possible to come visit HQ this way?


This forum isn’t going to be the right channel for you to get an answer. If you already have a dialogue with the FP support team, could you please ask them this question.

There is also a topic about the screen issues here

There is a fix being worked on by the support/development team, and the advice is to let support know you are effected too which you already have which is great.

I’m therefore going to close this topic off.