How about a FairPad?

by a simple division of the current amount of crowdfunding by the average tablet price I understand they just reached 6000 tablets prepaid at this moment.
This is not so bad, and vastly better than their phone last year (which was way costlier btw). Maybe the crowdfindung example in Fairphone has been helpful, although they are using a third-party (indiegogo) for the crowdfunding, which IMHO fragilizes them wrt an integrated solution like in Fairphone…

When I looked at their Indigogo-page, they had surpassed their funding goal by over 300%. So it must be an unexpected run on the tablet.

What surprises me, is the fact that Jolla still exists, after their not-so-successful phone. (They must have some powerful investors stand in for them, besides the croudfunding, I think).

I somehow remember there was a big national pride in Finland, motivating participation to the phone.
As I said I indeed was tempted, but at the same time I was recovering from a Blackberry tablet : also an independent OS (although closed), but that miserably failed to bring apps in.
I did register in Jolla user forums etc. and because of my story with Blackberry I had very precise desiderata in mind (serious email app, ad-filtering browser, a calendar that’d sync with ics from any server…) and… I found nothing at the time.

I do remember that they were talking about an Android emulator right from the start.

From what you say I take that they still do not offer this? It seems harder to conceive than they thought.

Still, in comparison to Fairphone, Jolla always seemed to me very exclusive and their approach was to a small tech-savvy community. I somehow cannot connect with their philosophy, although I really liked their Sailfish OS.

I don’t know; to me it was difficult to evaluate this costly phone without having it in hand, but when for instance I asked in the forums whether they could use K9mail it was clearly not possible at the time.

I suspect that, like on the Blackberry tablet, .apk containers had to be processed somehow, and one year ago none was. It would be interesting to get back to their forums and ask again…

The Jolla phone can run Android applications out of the box. Some friends have Android applications running on their Jolla phone. I don’t know how that works, but I think it is acceptable.

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I think Fairphone has enough work on their hands managing things for just one product. Adding a tablet to the mix probably makes things too complicated at this point in time.


I aggree with @Jerry: better do one thing well, than two things badly.


This is just speculative but i heard that Nokia started a initiative for old employers who “start-up” to be supported financially

The emulator is already running on Jolla devices as far as i know.

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Hi all,

I’m interested in getting a tablet in the next few months as my laptop is on its last legs (though its had a good 7 year run) and I don’t use it for much other than browsing at home, as I have a desktop at work.

From a quick search on the forum it sounds like FairPhone aren’t going to be launching anything in the tablet market in the near future.

Since the FairPad isn’t an option, any advice on ‘ethical’ tablets? I’m guessing there isn’t anything that comes close to the level of engagement with sustainability and ethical supply chains that the FairPhone achieves?

Look forward to hearing any thoughts.

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I’m still yet to purchase my first tablet, in part due to the ethical aspect… Its a shame that FP arent going to branch out into other elecronics, but I 100% support their decision to focus on just phones. The disposability of smart phones is like an endemic epidemic! It really is a bad situation… I recognise that most products these days aren’t build to last, but the phone industry its ridiculous!

Re tablets: before making purchases I often check this website Ethical Consumer, then usually cross-reference with consumer ratings and come to some kind of compromise :sweat_smile: There are sliding scales so you can prioritise various criteria depending on what you care most about… for example.

This website often has Archos at the top of the list of electronics, I’m not sure of the details why, as this website has a paid option for the nitty gritty, which i’ve never forked out for.

One of my first mp3 players was by Archos, and it was awesome! Pretty basic technology, but I just liked the way it was build inside and out… Electric blue metal casing, and had a proper disc drive that made an audible click click. I am quite fond of my tech as you can probably tell :heart_eyes: I’m about to investigate the Archos tablet. Will update my post when I have done so, and again if I buy one.

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Given that FP nearly seems to struggle to get its phone working properly and to cope with the support requests, I am glad that they do not branch out and work on anything different. Economies of Scale is important in this market and FF is one of the smallest fish in the pond anyway. Lets get the bugs ironed out that plague the FP2 and see that they manage to supply us with spare parts for as many years as possible. If they manage that, that will be an amazing achievement.

Splitting resources into different products does not make sense for such a small venture…


As I am a disappointed jolla tablet participant, I want to place the wish for a fairphone tablet with jolla’s Sailfish OS. Please think about a tablet!

A Fairphone tablet would be really great
Hope dies last :slight_smile:

I’d love that too, but they probably have enough to do with the phone :-/

I think the correct term would be Fairblet. :wink:

I’m sure for now this is true. We still don’t know if the modular upgradability of the Phone will be limited to covers, the camera module and such or if there will be a core module upgrade.
The question of core module upgrades vs FP3, FP4, … is surely one (among others) that has to be answered before they can seriously think about designing new products.


The only path I could see here again is Linux based, as most other OS paths show clear intentions of the goal “software sells hardware”.
This then could lead to a dead-end on the long run for FP realizing its values.

Another one here that would buy a tablet by fairphone for sure! :slight_smile:

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