Hotspot ends with incoming call

Hi there

Great product, using it everyday as a hotspot for work. However incoming calls end the hotspot and so I cannot surf the web while phoning at the same time. Even though I am using dual SIM and data goes over one card and phone calls are going over the other SIM. Any advice?


PS: 4G is disabled on the SIM I am doing calls with due to the fact the numbers are not displayed other wise…

Hey Sebastian, I guess this effect is caused by the radio chip features. Dual SIM does not mean you can use both SIM actively at the same time. Search the web for “dual standby” vs “dual active” to read more on this topic. Maybe you may want to look into this article.


This might also have to do with the old problem of internet turning off during phone calls, which is an Android issue not specific to Fairphone.

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