Hotspot activated, detected and connected, but actually no internet access

I have tried to activate Wi-Fi hotspot and while it seems
that everything is correct, once I connect the computer to the wifi network provided by the phone I do not actually navigate. I have tried with 2 different FP1U units. I have also tested with 3 other Android phones and everything works fine, as far as I can tell using equivalent settings (just name and passwords are different). Among the 3 units in which I tried and worked, 1 unit is actually not only with the same carrier than one of the FP1U units but even within the same contract (we have 3 phones within the same contract), so it cannot be a problem with the carrier.
Is this a known problem? Any hint?

Can you ping an IP address?

  1. To do so press Windows + r.
  2. Then type cmd and hit enter.
  3. Then type ping

If the ping is successful that means that you can actually access the internet, but there is a problem with the DNS server settings. Enter (Google’s DNS service) in the DNS server settings (not sure if on the phone or on the computer).

No, ping does not work:
agustinlobo$ ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
Request timeout for icmp_seq 1

Same for ping to one of the machines here.

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Teathering works fine for me if I remember to deactivate AFwall, as it seems it isn’t able to properly detect when teathering is active.

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