Horrible sound when making phonecalls

When I call someone, almost every time all sounds have a very nasty quality, as if beeps and the other person talking are screaming in a microphone. But funny enough, one call I made didn’t have that problem, while usually it happens all the time. It makes phone conversation almost impossible. I understand the other person I am speaking to doesn’t have the same problem, so it should be something in my speaker.
PS I deleted the google translate app but that didn’t help.

What happens if you make a phone call with a headphone?

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then the soundquality is just normal, good! I had to unplug of course to explain to my guinea pig what I was doing, and then it was horrible static screaming again. On her side, she couldn’t hear anything strange.

Then it looks like a problem with your bottom module.
Go to Support here and follow the steps for Calls.
Afterwards you could consider to call Support.


unfortunately I haven’t solved the problem yet. I don’t really know what exactly is my ‘bottom module’. I’m prepared to buy new stuff but I’d like to know for sure that I buy the right thing.

If your Fairphone is younger than 2 years, then you need to contact support for guarantee.
If your Fairphone is over 2 years then I would suggest see if there is a #fairphoneangel in your neighborhoud to test if your bottom module is broken.

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Actually, shouldn’t it be the top module? The microphone seems fine after all, the problem is with the ear speaker, so -> top module. Or did I understand something wrong?

yes, the microphone works fine. Also every sound that is not related to making a phonecall, is fine. So I wonder if it’s really a speaker that’s causing the problem, or maybe some software? I emptied the cache, deleted some recent apps, restarted factory settings. Nothing has worked so far, though initially emptying the cache seemed to improve the sound quality. But that might be a placebo effect.

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