Holding the Home button to get active apps often does not work

Often, when I hold the Home button it does not register me holding it. Instead the phone seems to react as though I had simply tapped/pressed the home button once.

When I’m already viewing the home screen, it will only show a short blue line at the bottom of the screen for a short moment. Holding the button longer does not seem to have any effect when it does this.

If I just try about 5-10 times, usually it will register it and show active apps. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find a pattern here. I don’t know why it often doesn’t work.

Does anyone else have this problem? Could the touch screen have a defect perhaps?

Try pressing and holding the back button which will show you the list of active apps still running

Sometimes same problem here. Maybe a reboot helps?!
No solution known.

Greetings Dosc

Same problem here and i’ve re-installed software done multiple reset to factory settings and hard resets nothing resolves the problem…
I think the problem is hardware related probably the tactile sensor in that zone…

Maybe this can be a solution for you:

Since the hardware buttons are messed up, temporarily you could install Gravity box and activate the navigation bar.

@TimV the blue line below the home screen indicates the current location of the display. FP OS has 5 home screens and when you press the home button shortly, you usually get to the middle one.

The same problem for me. And I had my FP from repair center with a new screen (for a defect) only some weeks ago!

I got exactely the same problem. if i press and hold the home button nothing happens…
pressing the back button does nothing…

blue line indicator works fine and pressing the home button takes me to home screen, backbutton works fine too.

Is there another way of getting to the list of running apps so I can close down running apps? (my 2-year-old has a habbit of starting a lot of apps at the same time…)

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Power Toggles can help you with that.

That is a great tip. Thanks for that. I’ve installed Power Toggles. Great to see there are many ways to customize it.

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