Holder for a screw broke off

I just upgraded my camera and everything went fine until the end. When I tried to click the screen module back in, it didn’t click on on the left side. I tried it again, but then I heard a cracking sound and one if the things where you screw the screws in fell out, but then the screen clicked in. I put the other 12 screws in and everything works. But can this have any consequences? I’m typing this from my phone and I made the picture with my new camera, so everything works fine so far.

Here is the screw with the holder which fell off

This screw is missing now

I have had a quick look at iFixit’s high resolution photo:

From that I conclude that what broke in your FP3 used to sit on the back side of the display module (not the core module) so if you ever needed to replace, this is certainly some relief …

My own experience with the FP3 has been that the plastic clips that you can hear clicking together when you put together display and core module are just as important to secure the connection as the screws are. In fact, I was able to make the phone including the display work without any of the 13 screws in place and just the clips properly connected. So I would not expect any contact issues anytime soon. However, it’s probably not the best place to go without a screw because this is one very close to the contact areas.

But still, I would not expect contact issues anytime soon.


Thank you, this is a big relief. I really don’t know how that happened, but it’s good to know that it’s in the display module and I need to replace this one if I ever get any connection issues.

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You might want to put something on the empty screw hole to be super safe against intrusion of dust etc. Maybe you’ll find a tiny adhesive circle or something similar.


I’ll do that, thank you!

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