🏒 Canadian Fairphoners!

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It might also be that the Fairphone does not support the LTE network frequency of your operator, as these are different in the Americas than in Europe.

None of the LTE networks in the States are supported, for instance. In Canada some are compatible, some aren’t. A few users have reported success with Fido and Rogers (but in different parts of the country).


Hello here from Montreal!

New FP2 user, generally happy with the device although damn the thing is bigger than I would like. :slight_smile: I’ve got a plan with Fizz and it seems to work fine so far. One issue I had was that the plastic cover screen wasn’t documented anywhere so I had to ask around to be told the obvious…

Speaking of which - anyone has a spare screen (and back cover) lying around? I figured I would get a spare one now before they become (even?) harder to find…

I’m also writing down my notes and first impressions here:




I just received a FP2, bought from @teleute , and I am loving it! I slipped my Koodo SIM card into it and it works like a charm down here on the north shore of Lake Ontario (east of Toronto). It is using the H+ network, which, as mentioned by @Johannes, is “H = HSPA , an extension of 3G that is sometimes referred to as 3.5G.”

Hope this answers questions you may have about networks in this part of Canada.