Hide phone number when making a call


Dear all,
Does any one found out how to hide FP phone number when making a call.
I recently move to FPOOS 19.02.1 and I cannot find this option anymore.


This should be independent of any installed OS as I know it as a carrier service initiated by using a predial code or so called GSM-Code with # or *.
Maybe try #31# before entering the final number you want to call.



Maybe I did not get it entirely precise. Our solution is a “per call” solution. But yes, invisible number is also possible permanent for each call. This then would be depending on the installed OS. Actually I know this from the past and don’t have it set on my FP2.
So I unfortunately cannot recall where this option could be hidden. Looking into the specific settings of the “dialer” app may be the right way to go.


I tested french a french number to another french number and adding #31# before the actual phone number works, it does hide the caller phone number.
Thanks !