Help with fairphone 3 and sim


(Hopefully, the picture helps. I might have put the SIM card in upside down or something…)


I don’t know if I’m being incredibly dense (it’s possible I could be), but I received my new Fairphone 3 yesterday.
I’m changing from an iPhone 6s, at first I tried to put my old nano sim into the sim 1 slot but it didn’t recognise it. So I put the new nano sim I received in there instead - and my new phone still hasn’t recognised it. I’m not too sure what to do or if there’s something I’m missing?

I’m not too great with technology so like I said, it could be me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don’t have a micro sim - only the nano.

Hi Ella,

nano SIM is the correct size for the FP3.

This support article contains a video how to set up the SIM in the FP3:
Maybe that helps.

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Yeah, I saw that but it’s still hasn’t connected… I’m not too sure what to do. Thank you for the reply though

the only thing I do wonder is that the article says it should click into place, but I haven’t heard a click? Hmm

Your SIM is simply not fully inserted. Just push it in gently against the spring resistance and then release it. It should not stand out as wide as on your photo then.

Good luck!