Help wanted - Black screen when placing or receiving calls - FP Open OS

Hi there,
I have an anoying issue with my FP2.
It is an open OS FP using telephone as the app for caling & receiving calls
When I am receiving or placing calls, the screen get black and I cannot access anything.
Quite difficult to leave as message to a vocal box with this…

Anyone can help?


Have a great day!

Hi there,

Have you try to calibrate the proximity sensor (in settings->maintenance->proximity sensor)?

Have a great day too :wink:

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To me it sounds more like this permission issue:

Great forum, Great users, Great phone :wink: That was indeed the proximiy sensor. Thanks a lot for your help.
Have a wondefull day.


Good news! You’re welcome, happy to help :smiley:

have a nice day too.

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