Help to Unbrick my FP2

Hello everyone,
Some months ago, I bricked my FP2 while flashing incorrectly the rom. It is now hard bricked in the sense that it cannot go in fastboot or any other mode and the computer only sees it as a bunch of empty drives.

However, I never really surrendered and, some days ago, I found an interesting guide on how to resurrect my FP2. You can read the guide here if you are interested [Revised] How To Unbrick Qualcomm Android Devices - Leakite

According to the guide and my situation, I should be able to copy an eMMC image from a working FP2 to my dead phone, and it should be able to work again. At least in principle.
I would like to give it a try, but to do so, I need someone to backup and send me their device’s complete eMMC image.

Is there someone willing to help me?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Maybe you both will find a solution together

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Having a full eMMC image isn’t hard, I could send you one or you could even get one from a Fairphone (Open) OS release, just download the installation file, extract the zip and open the “images” folder, there you should find it. Though it seems EDL mode (the mode in which you can flash the eMMC image mentioned as QDLoader in the article) was disabled on the FP2, see the topic I created. So… sorry for your phone, I can assure you I’d love to unbrick the FP2s I have as well.
(Interesting guide though, thanks!)

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